We are at your service by offering customised solutions and operating in various sectors.

Our many areas of activity

We offer Taylor-Made shipping services for every need and for every type of goods and customer. Each sector requires different commitment and resources.

Our experience and professionalism gained over the years make us a reference point for various types of services. We work with different types of goods and ensure transport with the necessary effort and commitment.


The automotive industry is one of the most important sectors in the world. It is a highly competitive market with endless business opportunities. We are proud to have been partner of many automotive companies for many years, working with passion to meet their needs.

Food and frozen

Working in the food sector is a big responsibility.

The transport of food and basic necessities is fundamental to our society. For us at Convoy Sped, managing the transport and delivery of products that need to be stored at low temperatures requires the utmost care and attention to every detail.


Products of all kinds, packaged and shipped anywhere in a very short time. The world of e-commerce is constantly expanding, and working in this sector means working with promptness and maximum organisation. We are proud to be partners with numerous international retailers who sell and ship products all over the world.

Dangerous goods

The transport of dangerous goods is one of the sectors in which we are most proud of our work. Respect for the environment, one of our strengths, also comes from this type of work. Dangerous goods must be handled with care and attention, and we do this with great awareness, thanks to the infinite experience we have gained over the years.