Working in the transport sector means being fast, precise and impeccable.

Road transports

There is not any unreachable destination. Thanks to our extensive network, we can transport your products by road and reach any destination in Europe with celerity and respecting the deadlines required by our customers.

We have a fleet of more than 90 road tractors, more than 50% of which are LNG-powered, trailers of various types and dozens of other smaller vehicles for more urgent transports or distributions.

Road Transports advantages

Intermodal transports

Intermodal transport is combined and is the ideal choice for those who need to optimise their goods. In addition, the combination of road+rail and/or ferry transport makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of the movement of goods.

Convoy Sped has a different types of trailers and containers in its fleet, making intermodal transport the right choice for all product categories.

Intermodal transports advantages:

Special transports

Professionalism and courtesy are a guarantee of an impeccable and efficient service, capable of intervening day and night throughout Italy

H24 Tracking

Installation of special GPS with temperature sensors in our trailers allows us to monitor the progress of the delivery 24 hours a day and constantly check the maintenance of the set temperature, enabling us to intervene promptly in the case of of any criticality.

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